School Security Systems: How to Protect Students?

Running a school is a massive responsibility that should never be underestimated. It involves the management of hundreds of students and staff, as well as the support team of the school, which includes several contractors such as cleaners, electricians, security personnel and many others.

Running a school is not exclusively about educating the kids. School officials are also responsible for maintaining the facilities, as well as the security of the students. This is also in addition to arranging extracurricular activities, such as excursions, camps, and other activities.

Most people think that during the holidays, school officials are on holidays too. This is wrong! During the school holidays, most of the renovation and maintenance work is usually done, and many tradies are on site to do the painting, AC maintenance, and other upgrade work. In addition the academic staff are often on site to complete administrative work.

Since some of the staff stay late at school after students have left for the day, this also reinforces the necessity to have professional security systems for schools.

It is now clear that school sites are busy with many people moving in different ways at lots of different times, which makes the protection of our children from duress at schools vital. School officials have a serious decision to make about the best technology and security systems for their school.

This is why Ryalex Security provides intruder & duress alarm systems that help deter and detect an intruder on your school premises. We offer a professional service, big enough to deliver yet small enough to give you personalised service and attention to detail. Our school security system will offer a way of immediate protection to your staff and children, and – when needed – an emergency response will take place.

In addition to this, our access control solutions can maintain records of both staff and service personnel onsite providing valuable information after an incident.

Ryalex Security has the expertise and experience to design and install comprehensive Security & video surveillance systems. We have certification and experience with most open platform systems and only work with quality equipment. Our systems are easy to use, allowing your staff to get back to what’s important – teaching the next generation.

To find out more about our range of security system for schools, contact us today on or call  1300 792 539.