Business Security Solutions


A monitored alarm system is one of the most cost effective security solutions to protect small businesses. Monitored alarm systems serve two purposes; Deter intruders from entering a premises, and if access is gained, notify the owners or Police of the break in. Alarm systems will not only protect against theft of assets, but may reduce insurance premiums too.

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Video Surveillance is much more than being able to review an event after it has happened. With advancements in open platform technology and system integration there is significantly more value it can bring to your business as well as reducing loss, theft and incidents.

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Security systems such as Intruder Alarm Systems or Access Control, can be integrated with other systems such as Video Surveillance, Facial Recognition, Visitor Management Systems or Health Club Software to provide ease of management of multiple systems. We can also create custom integrations for various systems if required.

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CCTV hire


Ideal for construction sites or temporary projects, our surveillance kits will help secure property and assets 24/7. Powered by Solar or 240v, the camera kit is self-sufficient and can be deployed quickly & easily. Dual 4K cameras provide wide angle field of views to maximise coverage. AI technology is built-in to detect intruders after hours.

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We are continuously researching new technology and offer only the latest in security technology solutions

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