We have experience working in various industries and installation environments. Our staff understand how the environment can affect the performance of security equipment, and reflect this in our security design and product choice.

Commercial Premises

Commercial and light industrial spaces can be secured with minimal investment. Our integrated systems allow alarm devices and access control doors to be managed through a single interface. CCTV cameras can also be installed for security, safety or process monitoring purposes.

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Corporate Offices

Corporate security systems are protecting much more than just people and assets. Reputation, people management and protection from liability are key areas a security system can help your business. An integrated security system will streamline operations allowing staff to spend more time on their key roles and responsibilities. We have systems for single or multisite premises and offer a range of integrations to streamline management of the system.

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From administrative Government departments to council premises, Government sites range in size and complexity. While the security requirements may differ between departments, the experience, certifications and project management skills of the contractor are paramount. With Dedicated project managers and service coordinators, Quality Assurance certifications, and extensive government industry experieince, Ryalex provide a complete service from project design through to maintaining the systems after completion.

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Education facilities such as schools and universities require multiple integrated security subsystems to meet thier operational security needs. Alarm systems can be used to detect intruders after hours, while Intercom and access control systems can restrict access during school hours. CCTV systems should be deployed to provide evidence of intruders or incidents on the school playground. Live monitoring of certain areas using a CCTV monitor may also be desireable.

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Health & Fitness

Safety of staff and patients is of upmost importance. We offer systems that enhance the safety procedures of the facility and provide reliabile performance. We offer solutions for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and health clubs.

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responsible gaming

Hospitality: Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants

The implementation of security technology in hospitality venues can provide a range of benefits for venue operators. A well designed video surveillance system in particular enables staff to investigate incidents quickly and easily, while use of Facial Recognition technology can help venues manage self exclusion schemes and problem customers. We offer solutions for Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants.

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Industrial premises such as manufacturing warehouses or processing facilities are often complex sites with strict operational and safety procedures. Security systems have evolved to assist these procedures and provide additional benefits. Process monitoring cameras for example can increase effeciencies by allowing staff to monitor multiple processes while also increasing staff safety by removing them from potentially dangerous environments.

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Retail security & CCTV systems now offer additional features such as people counting, queue management and POS integration to enhance retail operations. Its now possible to gain sales insights using a security system, providing value for money or even a return on your investment.

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Transport & Logistics

From warehousing to logistics centres, ports and rail freight depots, we have solutions to meet the operational requirements of the transport and logistics industry. Our solutions can assist staff manage critical processing tasks, increase safety and mitigate against loss.

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