Cloud based security cameras are the newest innovation in protecting a range of premises from external threats or other dangers. Cloud security cameras can be implemented as part of your commercial security system to provide maximum convenience, efficiency and protection of your premises.

As a more premium alternative to traditional on-site security solutions, cloud CCTV systems offer the ability to remotely monitor, control and interact with your premises. Many of these systems send real-time alerts, and some offer hotline assistance to security or emergency services if an issue arises or escalates.

Ryalex stocks a wide range of cloud based security camera systems for businesses. Whether you need a new industrial, education or government security system, our vast range and plentiful experience in the industry mean we are equipped to tackle almost any job.

Protect Your Business

In this day and age, a business security system is a critical component in safeguarding assets, staff and data. Threats these days have both physical and digital sources, meaning a comprehensive security system is vital in protecting your business. Businesses with a large number of assets are at heightened risk of being targeted by criminal activity, especially if these items are deemed desirable. Securing your premises with a cloud CCTV system adds an extra layer of protection to deter suspicious activity, and provides the ability to promptly respond to any incidents that do arise.

Keep Your Data in the Cloud

While many organisations already use data protection measures to enhance the safety of their business, cloud based security cameras take it to the next level. Using secure, encrypted data backups, these systems safely store data captured using your CCTV cameras until you need it, either for internal review or to use as evidence of a particular event. A cloud CCTV system allows you to review the footage at any time, from anywhere. Check archived surveillance footage, or respond to new alerts received in real time from a mobile device or laptop with an internet connection. Plus, many cloud-based security cameras can also recognise people, vehicles or objects of interest, sending an alert to warn of their presence if detected.

Access Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits to a cloud security camera system is that you can remotely check the feeds from each device from your mobile device or laptop. These systems can sync with the notification settings on your device, allowing you to program alerts to reach you in the event of an emergency. Many of Ryalex’s offerings can also involve a security firm or the emergency services if the situation requires them. Cloud based security systems enable you to stay connected to your business even when you aren’t around, reducing the effects of security threats, or preventing them entirely.

Top Tier Cloud Based Solutions

At Ryalex, we believe in offering quality security systems that offer real value for our clients. We are committed to only carrying the safest, most reliable security systems that incorporate advanced, time-saving features and wide-ranging compatibility. Our stock includes gold star brands such as Avigilon, and their Alta range. This cloud-based system incorporates security cameras, access control systems and an online control centre from which alerts can be sent and responded to.

Integrated Workplace Safety and Security

Ryalex’s cloud based security camera systems for businesses each offer a range of interconnecting features to ensure the complete protection of your premises from all external and internal threats. Regardless of the brand you choose, your new security system will not only include hardware such as cameras, card readers and alarms, but a subscription to the corresponding cloud software to ensure you can always monitor your premises even if you are not physically present. Each system is scalable and tailored to the specific needs of your business and your industry. To begin the journey of installing a customised cloud CCTV system at your premises, contact Ryalex today.

Cloud Based Security Cameras: Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is a cloud-based security system?

Cloud based security systems are typically an extremely secure way of storing CCTV footage. In fact, they are often more secure than hosting footage locally. With encrypted backups that meet the strictest of modern standards, your footage and other security data cannot be viewed in transit or storage. Many cloud storage options also update to the latest software over the air, meaning your data is less vulnerable to attacks than it would be in an older storage system.

What are the benefits of using a cloud-based security system?

Cloud CCTV systems offer consumers a number of advantages over a traditional security camera setup. These include:

  • Improved security performance: See more of your premises, more of the time by accessing live feeds from your cloud based security cameras.
  • Scalability: Add as many devices as you need over time to your cloud CCTV system to ensure your business is fully protected as it expands.
  • Encrypted data: Have your data and security footage protected by default as it is automatically uploaded to the cloud for future reference.
  • Cost effectiveness: Without an on-premises server or other resources needed to host data locally, a system of cloud based security cameras is an efficient way of protecting your business.


Can a cloud based security system integrate with existing security infrastructure?

In most cases, cloud CCTV systems can form an integrated security solution with existing hardware you may already have installed at your premises. However, before committing to a purchase of cloud based security cameras that you wish to integrate with current infrastructure, it is best to consult a professional to check that the system will function as intended. Ryalex’s team will be able to determine if your new cloud based security cameras will work with the specific pieces of existing hardware you are planning to integrate.

How do I choose the right cloud-based security system for my business?

To choose the best cloud security camera system for your business’ premises, it is best to consult with the experts. Contact Ryalex’s experienced, knowledgeable team today for more information on cloud based security systems, or to organise a quote to install new CCTV cameras at your premises.

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