Innerrange Integriti

The leading integrated security management system in Australia today


Integriti is an integrated security management system by Inner Range. At its core, Integriti allows management of Intruder alarms and Access control throughout a business or organization. It can also integrate with multiple subsystems providing management of Intercoms, CCTV systems, Lifts, Lighting and HVAC systems.
The Integriti system is scalable from a single site to multi-site facilities and campuses. The architecture allows for additional devices or access controlled doors to be added as the business grows. It is capable of managing thousands of alarm zones, thousands of users and thousands of doors.

Integriti Software

The Integriti Software interface is extremely intuitive, allowing an operator to unlock/open doors, manage user access, review alarm events and monitor the movement of people throughout the facility. The software allows creation of custom floor plans to allow live monitoring of detection devices, status of access control doors and viewing of integrated CCTV cameras. The software is available in three editions, Professional, Business & Corporate.

Integration capabilities

Integriti is a powerful security platform offering integrations with third party platforms via High Level Integration or low level (Hardwired) communication. Multiple camera systems can be integrated providing camera views within the Integriti software, including Avigilon, Genetec, Geutebruck, Hikvision, Milestone, Mobotix, Panasonic and Hanwha Wisenet.
Integriti provides exceptional user management and seamless access control through integrations with the Salto wireless access control platform, Rightcrowd visitor management, and a range of Gym/Health club softwares such as Clubware, Clubfit and Mind body.
Integriti can also integrate with Aiphone Intercom systems, Inovonics Duress systems and Morse Watchmans Keylocker’s.

Integriti Installation & Support

Ryalex security have been installing and managing Integriti systems since its inception in 2012 and employ Inner Range Certified Technicians with extensive knowledge of installation, programming and maintenance.
To date we have installed over 100 Inner Range Integriti systems with a range of field devices and integrations to suit the clients specific needs. To learn more about the Integriti Alarm & Access Control solution contact us at 1300 792 539 or

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