Solar Powered

The ever increasing demand for reasonably priced and good quality cameras as a result of today’s security threat has seen prices tumble, physical dimensions shrink and camera features increase exponentially.

This, together with the advent of the 4G mobile networks, has seen relocatable camera installations become an attractive proposition due to their ability to be moved between crime hotspots and the deterring effect provided by the cameras and associated signage.
This has led to a safer environment for the general public in the vicinity of such cameras through a decrease in anti-social behaviour and graffiti attacks and the arrest of easily identifiable individuals responsible for such acts.

Being relocatable means it must be powered from a non-fixed supply. Our solar camera solutions are designed to consume a minimal amount of power allowing the equipment to be powered from a solar panel and battery setup. The cameras can be remotely monitored and alarmed to ensure 24/7 uptime & notification of events such as shock/vibration.

Ryalex have developed a custom pole bracket and strapping system for the solar panel and equipment box allowing it to be attached to existing power poles, light poles or flag poles allowing quick installation and minimising disturbance to footpaths or parks.

We also offer a rental solution complete with pole and relocatable base for construction sites and illegal dumping locations (shown right).

Solar powered cameras are ideal for any remote application where power or communication is unavailable or where a fast deployment is required. Some Applications include:

  • Agriculture – Stock monitoring
  • Council – Illegal Dumping, Vandalism
  • Construction – Securing equipment & Staff
  • Construction – Timelapse Videos
  • Industrial – Process monitoring, Equipment Monitoring

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