Transport, Freight & Logistics Security Solutions

From warehousing to logistics centres, ports and rail freight depots, we have solutions to meet the operational requirements of the transport and logistics industry. Our logistical security systems can help staff manage critical processing tasks, increase safety and mitigate against loss. Our freight security camera monitoring solutions are also available to protect your cargo when it is being transported between destinations.

Logistics Centres

Security and surveillance systems are of particular importance in the freight industry, to keep track of items, manage personnel, and ensure the safety of staff and contractors. Commercial CCTV cameras can be used to provide an audit trail of shipments and provide evidence of the condition of the shipment if damage occurs. An audit trail of personnel within the facility is also useful for investigations.


There are some specific applications for security and video surveillance in the rail industry. For example, cameras covering road crossings, river crossings and bridges can provide early warning of incidents before a train passes through. Cameras covering rail signal sites can be used to audit a driver’s compliance to those signals or allow remote testing of the equipment.


Mobile CCTV systems can be installed on buses, trucks, and locomotives to ensure compliance, improve safety and provide evidence following an incident. The cameras on the vehicle will record locally to a storage device and can also be uploaded or viewed remotely using the 4G mobile network. We have platforms available that allow management of these systems on multiple buildings and vehicles from a central location.

Integrated Freight & Logistics Security

Ryalex offers a range of multi-level surveillance systems for logistics and freight. Our integrated security solutions combine products from various model lines in our range to provide a comprehensive security solution for your business. Combine CCTV facial recognition for logistics facilities with an access control system to safeguard your premises, or complement a security camera system for logistics with an alarm process to protect your goods while they are in transit.

Transport, Freight & Logistics Frequently Asked Questions

Why is logistics security important?

A comprehensive logistics security system is an important addition to your business for several reasons. It will help reduce the risk of theft, sabotage or damage to your goods, and ensure the quality and integrity of the products when they arrive at their destination. Footage from logistics live security camera monitoring systems can also be used as evidence in the event of lost, damaged or stolen goods.

What are key security concerns with logistics?

The main security concerns in the logistics industry are damage to, loss of or theft of goods. These concerns can come from internal sources, such as employees mistreating products, or external circumstances, including damage to goods during shipping and transportation.

How do I choose a commercial security system?

A commercial security system should provide the most protection possible for your business’ size and budget. Consider integrating CCTV monitoring with access control systems and alarms to fully protect your goods during freight.

Where can I learn more about logistics security systems?

For insights and advice on logistics security solutions, get in touch via the Ryalex website.

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