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Ryalex Security offers a range of security services for commercial premises including Design, Installation, Maintenance and Alarm Monitoring. Ryalex Security have a dedicated service department and all service requests are logged through our business management software ensuring reliability for our clients.

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Ryalex Security has extensive experience in installing a wide range of security systems including Alarm systems, Access control, Duress systems and Video surveillance Systems. All products selected are done so based on proven performance and reliability, with an aim to minimise system faults and down time to the customer

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Maintenance of your security system should be undertaken regularly, as with all your other business assets. This ensures your security system is operating correctly, and will extend the operating life of the key components.

Ryalex Security can offer a maintenance package to suit your requirements. If you are uncertain of your maintenance requirements, our staff can inspect and offer advice on the most suitable service for your system.

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Alarm Monitoring is an integral part of an effective security system. Ryalex offers a comprehensive range of security system monitoring services to proactively detect any possible and/or potential threat to your organization and respond accordingly. It is important that action is taken if an alarm is detected on your premises.

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