Construction Site Security Systems

Protecting assets, equipment and workers is of the utmost importance when working in the construction industry. Ryalex offers a range of construction site security systems designed to provide robust commercial security systems and peace of mind. Ryalex offers holistic security for the construction industry, ensuring that your site is protected whether you’re on the tools or not.

CCTV hire

CCTV Camera Hire

Ideal for construction sites or temporary projects, our surveillance kits will help secure property and assets 24/7. Powered by Solar or 240v, the camera kit is self-sufficient and can be deployed quickly & easily.

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Site Shed Security

We also provide alarm systems for security of temporary site sheds. Motion detectors can be hardwired for longevity or wireless for ease of installation.

Integrated Construction Security Systems

An integrated security solution is a way of centralising the protection of your worksite. By layering construction site security camera systems with alarms and access control measures, you create a combination of security measures that protects your worksite against multiple vulnerabilities.

Construction Security Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Why is construction site security important?

Leaving a construction site open at night presents a risk to the safety of your equipment and materials. Security concerns include theft and vandalism due to unauthorised entry to the worksite. When the worksite is operational, the risk of these activities occurring is minimised, but not entirely eliminated. Accidents to workers or visitors can still happen. Construction security camera systems help enforce workplace safety, providing evidence when injuries occur.

What are some common construction security solutions?

Ryalex offers a range of security solutions for construction sites to help prevent vandalism, theft and unauthorised access. These include:

  • Access control systems – control who is able to access your worksite with key fobs, swipe cards or fingerprint detection, to name a few.
  • Construction site cameras – a construction site security camera system provides peace of mind when you leave the worksite, allowing you to view a live feed of the site at any time. The presence of cameras may even deter unauthorised individuals from entering the site. Even if they do, your security cameras can provide timestamped evidence of their activities.
  • Alarm systems – an alarm system can be used to alert staff or emergency services of any suspicious activity at your premises, including theft or unauthorised access. Alarms may also be linked to security cameras and/or access control systems to provide an extra layer of protection.

What are some tips for choosing construction security systems?

Consider the characteristics of your worksite before deciding on a construction site security system. Some points of consideration include:

  • Size and layout of the site – large, complex sites require more complex security measures. Construction sites with multiple entrances require coverage for each entry, leading to a more complicated security system.
  • Value of materials and equipment on the site – sites with a large amount of valuable equipment require more rigid security measures.
  • Budget – construction site security systems range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Choose a solution that fits your budget and security needs.

Where can I learn more about construction security systems?

To learn more about Ryalex’s comprehensive range of construction site security systems, visit our website and fill in the contact form to get in touch.

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