Improve Workplace Safety Using Security Technology


Security & surveillance technology has evolved over the years, to the point we can now use this technology to enhance operational practices and improve safety in the workplace. Here are just some examples of how high resolution video footage, video analytics and biometrics can improve saftey and ensure staff are complying with safety procedures.


Improve Compliance Using Video Analytics

Video analytics can be used to identify if staff are complying with safety procedures or PPE rules. Analytics can detect the wearing of Hard Hats, the presence of a person in a dangerous area, or objects left within walkways. The Analytic rules are established to suit the site its operational procedures.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate risk of injury to staff by monitoring dangerous processes from a distance. Video monitors in a control room can allow multiple processes to be monitored simultaneously, enhancing productivity of staff. The recorded footage can be used to evaluate errors in the manufacturing process or for training purposes.

Prevent Accidents & Injuries

Access control systems, facial recognition cameras or other forms of biometric access control can be used to enable operation of equipment. This prevents untrained staff from operating dangerous machinery. 

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