Security & surveillance technology has evolved over the years, to the point we can now use this technology to enhance operational practices and improve safety in the workplace. While security systems were originally designed to mitigate external safety threats, they can now also be used internally to reduce and avoid safety and wellbeing incidents concerning staff. Ryalex offers a range of commercial security systems, including video analytics, access control systems and hazard detection technology. By incorporating effective workplace safety technology, businesses can prevent accidents and enforce compliance with health and safety regulations.


Improve Compliance Using Video Analytics

Video analytics can be used to identify if staff are complying with safety procedures. Real-time video feeds allow companies to detect unauthorised access or unsafe working practices, and respond quickly to these challenges. Analytics can detect the wearing of Hard Hats, the presence of a person in a dangerous area, or objects left within walkways. The Analytic rules are established to suit the site’s operational procedures. Monitoring compliance in the workplace has never been easier, with prompt alerts and comprehensive evidence from a video analytics safety and security system.

Process & System Monitoring

Monitoring health and safety in the workplace continuously ensures smooth operation and effective risk management at your business. Process monitoring cameras record in up to 4K resolution, allowing you to gain clear insights into the operations and potential issues occurring at your business. Workplace health and safety technology can detect equipment inefficiencies or malfunctions, enhancing the life of your forklifts, conveyor belts or robotic machinery.

Reduce Risk

Our industrial workplace safety solutions help mitigate risk of injury to staff by monitoring dangerous processes from a distance. Video monitors in a control room can allow multiple processes to be monitored simultaneously, enhancing productivity of staff. The recorded footage can be used to evaluate errors in the manufacturing process or for training purposes. Continuous monitoring of the premises also reduces the impact of unforeseen events and can improve employee safety in difficult situations.

Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Access control systems, facial recognition cameras or other forms of biometric access control can be used to enable operation of equipment. This prevents untrained staff from operating dangerous machinery. The systems can also detect and alert supervisors of other hazards around the workplace, including dangerous liquid spills, improperly secured equipment and obstructions in walkways.

Integrated Workplace Safety and Security

A comprehensive workplace safety monitoring system is essential for protecting staff and ensuring compliance with regulations. Combining various safety technologies creates a complete system that enhances the overall security of the workplace. Integrated safety technology in the workplace allows you to accurately monitor processes, staff and equipment to ensure optimal productivity and protection. 

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Safety Technology in the Workplace: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a safety and security system?

A workplace safety and security system is a collection of technology and equipment that safeguards employees, inventory and assets. Various components can be included in the system, such as security cameras, access control systems and hazard detection devices.

Why is it important to monitor safety in the workplace?

Monitoring health and safety in the workplace helps to mitigate accidents and unforeseen challenges, Comprehensive workplace safety solutions create a protected working environment for employees by identifying hazards and maximising on-site awareness of security risks.

How does access control contribute to workplace safety?

Access control systems serve two main purposes to improve workplace safety. By restricting entry to the premises, they mitigate the risk of unauthorised external access. They can also be used to limit the number of people who can access specific areas of the building, to ensure specialist equipment or processes are only used by those licensed to do so.

How often should workplace safety and security systems be reviewed or updated?

It is recommended that you upgrade your workplace safety technology regularly to ensure the security of your premises and staff. It is recommended that you conduct an audit of the current safety and security systems annually and replace any technology that has a newer alternative. Contact Ryalex’s team of experts for more information on how our security systems can improve safety in the workplace for your business.

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