System Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring is an integral part of an effective security system. Ryalex offers a comprehensive range of security system monitoring services to proactively detect any possible and/or potential threat to your organization and respond accordingly. It is important that action is taken if an alarm is detected on your premises.

Alarm Monitoring

We offer alarm monitoring services for various security systems on the market. All our monitoring services use a 4G communication device, which transmit alarm signals via the mobile network.

4G monitoring is quickly becoming the preferred method of security system monitoring, due to its fast speed and reliability. Alternate back up paths such as IP or communication over multiple carrier networks (Telstra & Optus), provide an additional level of redundancy.

Video Verification

A video verified alarm system consists of a regular monitored alarm system coupled with an IP video surveillance solution. The integrated solution allows the monitoring centre to gain access to the premises camera footage when an alarm is received. This allows the operator to evaluate the incident and dispatch emergency services quickly providing a faster response. It will also eliminate guard callout costs from false alarm signals as the operator can verify if a response is actually required.

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