Video Verification

Verify alarms onsite to expidite police response

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When an alarm is received at the monitoring centre, the operator is given access to the camera feed, allowing instant alarm verification. Video verification saves money in unnecessary guard call-outs and provides a faster response from emergency services when required. Without this visual verification the monitoring centre has to send the next available guard to verify the alarm.

Key benefits of video verification:

  • Faster response from Police or emergency services
  • Eliminate unnecessary guard call-out costs
  • Minimise loss

So, How does it work?
Firstly, the Alarm & camera package is installed onsite. This may consist of internal sensors to detect intruders, duress buttons for emergency situations or a combination of both. Cameras are placed to provide maximum coverage of the site.

Any generated alarm (Duress or Intruder alarm) reported to and displayed to the monitoring operators screen, causes the linked camera(s) to instantly display on the same screen. This allows the operator to immediately assess the situation on site. The operator can then call for an emergency response if required or ignore the alarm following consultation with the person that triggered it. Emergency services will rush to get there as a visual verification of the site situation has occurred and the chance of it being a false alarm is eliminated.

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