Anytime Fitness
24/7 Gym Security Solution

Ryalex Security have extensive experience installing security systems within gyms and other fitness and leisure centres, allowing these businesses to operate unstaffed and 24/7 hours per day.

Our relationship with the fitness industry started in 2015 when we were appointed as a preferred supplier of security systems for Anytime Fitness. This relationship covers the supply, installation and maintenance of Access Control, CCTV, AV, IT and Lighting products throughout the network of clubs within Australia. With over 550 clubs nationally, Anytime Fitness are Australia’s largest 24/7 gym network.

Our 24/7 security systems utilise high resolution CCTV cameras throughout all areas of the 24/7 facility. The CCTV is partnered with extensive in club duress and safety components which can be triggered in the event of an emergency. A secure connection to the 24/7 monitoring centre allows for both an immediate response to an emergency and verification of false alarms to prevent unnecessary contacting of the business owner.

The systems installed within an unstaffed premise are there to keep members safe but also allow business owners to monitor the site remotely and detect unauthorised usage of the premises either by paying members or others.

Some of the key components Ryalex offer when proposing a 24/7 solution are:

  • Integration between the customers preferred gym management software and the access control system, meaning a single software for ongoing club management.
  • Integrated tailgate detection with the CCTV system for evidence of members letting in others to train for free.
  • Emergency announcements which mute music playing within the club when triggered, this ensures every emergency is identified and actioned quickly.

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