Hospital & Gym Security Systems

Safety of staff and patients is of utmost importance in all health and fitness settings. At Ryalex, we offer security systems that enhance the safety procedures of the facility and provide reliable performance. We offer solutions for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and health clubs.

Hospital Security Solutions

Hospitals and larger health facilities will benefit from an integrated security system, comprising of an access control system, intruder and duress alarms and video surveillance. The access control component will prevent unauthorised entry into buildings and secure areas but also provide ease of access for staff, and an audit trail of access attempts. Video surveillance will provide evidence and peace of mind for staff. A hospital duress alarm system allows patients or staff to request a call for help.

Gym Security Systems

Security systems have the ability to integrate with the clubs gym management software to enable setup and management of the gym user & access card in a single software interface. Installation of duress buttons and cameras within the facility will allow remote verification of duress activations and expedition of emergency services if required. We have extensive experience providing 24/7 gym security solutions and are a preferred supplier for Anytime Fitness Australia.

Hospital & Gym Security Systems Frequently Asked Questions

What are common gym security concerns?

Feeling secure while at the gym is important for both members and staff. Common gym security concerns include theft of valuables such as wallets, phones, purses and laptops from members’ bags. Another risk is unauthorised people attempting to enter the facility, to either use the equipment or commit criminal activities. Vandalism of gym equipment and violence between patrons and/or staff are other gym security risks.

What are some common gym security solutions?

There are a variety of security solutions available for gym managers, including:

  • Access control systems – restrict access to your gym using a key fob, swipe card, fingerprint scanner, facial recognition reader or other form of access control.
  • Security cameras – installing gym security cameras will help to track entries and exits of the gym and allows you to provide evidence in the event of a break-in. Gym security system monitoring allows for even quicker responses to emergencies.
  • Alarm systems – alert gym staff or the authorities to any unauthorised access, theft or other security threat
  • Duress alarm systems – staff can use a duress alarm to alert management or the authorities of an emergency or other suspicious activity

Why are hospital duress alarm systems so important?

Installing a duress alarm system in a hospital has benefits for protecting the exterior of the premises as well as the patients and staff inside.

Externally, a hospital duress alarm system is able to alert management of intruders attempting to access unauthorised areas, equipment or materials.

Internally, a duress alarm may be raised for patients in distress, such as when another patient or family member becomes aggressive or violent.

Where can I learn more about gym and hospital security systems?

To learn more about health and fitness security systems, including CCTV for hospitals and gym security cameras, visit the Ryalex website and get in touch to start customising your business’ tailored security system.

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