System Installation

Ryalex Security has extensive experience in installing a wide range of security systems including alarm systems, access control systems, duress systems and video surveillance systems. By choosing only the most dependable and cutting-edge technologies for our security system installations, we ensure that our customers experience minimal system faults and downtime.

Installation & Commissioning Process

Our security installation technicians have the expertise and workmanship quality to provide successful installation of various commercial security systems. We conduct extensive quality tests in order to ensure proper functioning of all the security systems installed. Upon completion of the business security installation and commissioning, we take the time to train staff on how to use the system, and support them if any issues arise.

Product Expertise

All our technical personnel are trained and certified to install a variety of security, CCTV and associated products. As product lines are updated, we keep up to date with training to ensure we offer our clients the latest technology.

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Diverse Experience

Our diverse client base has provided us with the knowledge to undertake security system installations in unique environments for various industries. We have conducted security system installations in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, rail depots, schools, government facilities and more. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a retail security system or a government security system, we understand the challenges involved in harsh environments and take the time to learn our customers’ facilities to ensure we offer systems that suit the environment.


As part of our business security system installation services, Ryalex Security offer a 12-month warranty on all new parts and labour. We will also pass on manufacturer warranties outside our standard 12 month period when offered by the manufacturer. We also offer ongoing maintenance services and will advise about upgrades and system updates when they become available.

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Post Security System Installation

After the successful commercial security installation, Ryalex goes above and beyond to provide a range of post-installation solutions, which include regular inspections, system maintenance, and software updates. Our expert technicians will proactively address any potential issues, guaranteeing your system’s continued reliability and performance. For enhanced protection, we also offer professional security system monitoring services through our state-of-the-art monitoring centre, operating 24/7.


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Commercial Security System Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Will the installation team perform a site survey before starting the installation?

Yes, before the security system installation, Ryalex will look at the security system design and conduct a survey to assess the layout of your premises. This survey allows us to gain a thorough understanding of your unique security needs. We will identify potential installation challenges, determine optimal camera and sensor placements, and provide accurate recommendations for the security system design.

Will Ryalex provide training on how to use and manage the security system?

Yes. As part of our security system installation services, the Ryalex team will typically provide training on how to use and manage the security system after the installation is complete. We will walk you through the system’s features, demonstrate how to operate it, and answer any questions you may have.

How long does it take to install a commercial security system?

The time required for a commercial security system installation to take place can vary depending on several factors. The size and complexity of your property, the number of components being installed, and any specific customisation requirements all contribute to the installation timeline. To provide you with a more accurate estimation, we recommend reaching out to our expert security installation team. They will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a detailed assessment of the installation timeframe based on your unique circumstances.

Where can I learn more about commercial security system installation?

To discover more about our top-notch commercial security system installation services, scroll down to get in touch with Ryalex today. Our team of security experts is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with personalised advice.

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