Milestone Systems

Industry-leading Video Management Software

Milestone Systems’ range of products are an effective solution for businesses wanting to improve their security products. Milestone cameras are ideal for a range of business security systems, providing advanced features and improved protection.


Milestone Systems are a leading developer of video management hardware & software solutions. Their video management platform XProtect, is known worldwide for its cutting-edge user interface and advanced features.

Milestone has integrated with almost every CCTV camera on the market providing a cost-effective upgrade path for existing camera systems. Milestone has native integrations with cameras from Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Flir, Hanwha, Hikvision, March, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony, and many more, as well as ONVIF compatibility. Milestone’s XProtect VMS platform is available in multiple versions to suit a range of business sizes from single-site systems with 8 cameras to multi-site systems with an unrestricted number of cameras.


Install a Milestone video management system with Ryalex

Ryalex’s team of experts are experienced in supplying and installing Milestone video management systems. We have helped hundreds of businesses, including those in the logistics, retail and government sectors, upgrade their protection against external threats with high-quality, durable Milestone commercial security cameras


Our expertise covers the recommendation, installation and maintenance of the Milestone range. We are able to understand the unique objectives and requirements of your business, and recommend the Milestone products that are best able to meet them.


Milestone cameras are scalable for future development at your business, allowing you to upgrade and add on additional products without redesigning your existing hardware.

From consultation to after-sales support, Ryalex is able to assist with all aspects of setting your business up with a suite of Milestone products.

CCTV Milestone Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Ryalex use Milestone Systems?

At Ryalex, we believe in using the best quality products possible. A Milestone video management system equips your business with reliable security products that are easy to use and scalable for future use. Milestone cameras come with a comprehensive range of features that provide excellent protection for your business, while their after sales care program is also highly regarded.

Is Milestone Systems compatible with other brands?

Milestone CCTV products have a high level of compatibility. The brand has developed integrations with a range of other technology companies, allowing you to pair existing cameras, sensors or management systems with your new Milestone products. Combining Milestone cameras with your existing security network enhances the functionality and flexibility of your current system while providing excellent value for money.

Is a security system with Milestone Systems products scalable?

Yes, Milestone Systems’ range of products are designed to grow with your business. Milestone cameras can be made to support small installations with 8 cameras, or multi-site systems that can be managed from a central location. As your business expands, so can your Milestone CCTV system. Additional cameras and software can form an integrated security solution with your existing systems to further protect your business from external threats. The quality of Milestone products and the expertise of Ryalex combines to provide unparalleled protection for your business.

Milestone Systems are a high-quality, flexible and scalable security solution that can be installed in a wide range of commercial operations. Milestone are a highly compatible and reliable brand, backed by both an in-house support team and Ryalex’s maintenance services.


Contact Ryalex today to find out more about Milestone Systems, and how their range of security solutions can benefit your business.

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