Decentralised Video Surveillance


Mobotix is a German company that specializes in producing high-resolution video surveillance systems and management software. The company was founded in 1999 and has since then gained a reputation for developing advanced and innovative camera technology.


Mobotix cameras are known for their decentralized architecture, which means that they have a built-in computer that can analyze images and footage on the camera itself, rather than relying on a central processing unit. This makes the cameras more efficient and allows for faster and more accurate image analysis.


Mobotix offers a wide range of cameras, including dome, bullet, and hemispheric cameras, as well as thermal cameras that can detect body heat. The company’s management software allows for easy integration and management of multiple cameras in complex surveillance systems.


Overall, Mobotix is a leader in the field of video surveillance technology and is trusted by businesses, governments, and organizations around the world to provide high-quality, reliable video surveillance solutions.


Ryalex Security are a trusted supplier and installer of Mobotix products including cameras and video management systems. Learn more about Mobotix’s advanced features below.


Features & Benefits

  • Decentralised operation
  • Recording at the edge
  • Autonomous Intelligence
  • Unique Modular System Design
  • Robust hardware for challenging environments
  • End-To-End Cyber Security
  • Integration to third party systems via I/O modules
  • Exstensive warranty

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