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Focus of attention (FoA) is a live monitoring feature that provides real-time information to the operator about potential security events. FoA is an intuitive interface that displays your entire camera population using a hexagonal/honeycomb formation. Cameras are grouped according to your preference or based on your site layout.

Focus of Attention is powered by Avigilon’s Self-learning and next-generation analytic technology, to flag events that may require your attention and display them visually in color-coded hexagonal nodes. The various colors represent different levels of priority or importance.

Blue: Motion Detected
Teal: Unusual Motion Detected or Analytic Event
Yellow: Unusual Activity Detected, Face Watch List Match Event, License Plate Watch List Match Event, or No Face Mask Detected
Red: Alarm

Once an event is detected, the operator can easily view the event footage by a mouse hover or replay the footage by clicking the node.

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