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Avigilon is a Canadian company that manufactures high-end CCTV products, network video recorders (NVRs) and video management software (VMS) solutions. Avigilon products are used in the commercial security solutions of over 100,000 businesses worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. 

Ryalex Security has been an approved Avigilon installer for a number of years, meaning we have the knowledge to recommend, install and maintain Avigilon hardware at your business.

Avigilon Unity is an AI-powered VMS designed to protect your premises. With Avigilon Unity Video, you can detect, record and save footage of emergencies or other critical events that occur at your premises.


The latest version of the VMS, Avigilon Unity 8, allows you to search for and locate a person or vehicle at a particular site, using key search terms such as gender, age and clothing colour.  


Avigilon Unity Cloud Services allow you to access and manage your premises’ security wherever you are. View camera feeds, save and review video clips and perform maintenance checks on your security system using a browser or the mobile app.


To help you in times of need, Avigilon Unity is equipped with a Decision Management System (DMS) module. A single-screen interface brings together video and access control system management, allowing you to view and respond to security threats promptly.


Work with one of Avigilon’s Trusted Installers

As an accredited installer, Ryalex is able to get you up and running with Avigilon Unity Video products at your retail, education or commercial premises. With years of experience installing and maintaining the company’s range, our experts can provide recommendations on how Avigilon Unity Video can improve the security of your premises.


Ryalex is able to install Avigilon Unity products at your business, and ensure you are aware of how to use the system and its capabilities. We will ensure the setup is tailored to your business, including applying the correct permissions to user accounts based on the level of security access their role requires. 


For more information on installing Avigilon Unity Video at your premises, please get in touch with Ryalex using the form below.

Avigilon Unity Video: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Avigilon Unity?

Avigilon Unity offers a number of benefits for the commercial user. From the use of AI technology to convenient cloud storage and the ability to make decisions quickly in an emergency, Avigilon Unity 8 has a wide range of features that increase the security of your workplace, including:


  • AI-Powered Video Management: In addition to sending automated alerts and video previews if an emergency is detected, Avigilon Unity Video’s AI technology allows you to find people or vehicles associated with key events or alarms.
  • Remote Access and Control Capabilities: With Avigilon Unity Cloud Services, you can centrally manage your business’ security system wherever you are, using a browser or mobile device. 
  • Browser Based Access Control: Protect people, property and assets with our on-premise system for controlling access to your building. Issue access credentials, match user IDs with existing profiles and manage security threats effectively with live feeds and saved videos.

Is Avigilon Unity cloud-based?

While Avigilon Unity does offer cloud-based functionalities for storing and reviewing video footage, the system is primarily designed as an on-premise security solution. 

For those looking for a completely cloud-based solution, Avigilon offers its Alta range. It requires no hardware other than cameras, controllers and an access control system, enabling you to fully manage the security of your business using a safe cloud-based connection.

For more information on purchasing and implementing the Avigilon Unity security suite, please contact Ryalex Security using the form below.

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