Video Surveillance

Capture incidents and keep on top of operations with high quality video footage

Capture the Detail

CCTV or Video Surveillance systems allow the recording of events and incidents for review. Whether your protecting assets or staff, a video surveillance system will provide the information you need to reduce loss, mitigate health & safety incidents and enhance business processes.

Gain maximim visibility through calculated placement of cameras to minimise blindspots and maximise performance. Cameras can be viewed remotely via smartphones and tablets allowing business owners to check on things from afar.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology IP systems to provide high definition video with advanced features such as video analytics. Gone are the days of searching though hours of footage to find an event. Use smart serach features to search based on facial recognition or personal features.

Build on your Investment

We can integrate new equipment with existing infrastructure to maximise the lifespan of your investment. All our systems are designed with scalability in mind, allowing the camera system to grow with your business. The requirements today may change over time, and having the ability & flexibility to grow will reduce unexpected future costs.

Process Monitoring Cameras

With 4K resolution cameras we are now able to monitor equipment, machinery and processes from a distance to inprove safety, efficiency and reliability of the workplace. Cameras can be used to monitor conveyor belts, manufacturing equipment, Robotic machinery, forklifts, waterways, and other external environments to provide operators with instant feedback.

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