Tecom Challenger

Commercial Access & Alarm Control System by Tecom



Tecom Challenger is an integrated security platform providing access control, intruder alarm, duress and CCTV integration. Challenger can be expanded to suit any application and is designed for the commercial and corporate market. The Tecom Challenger system can be managed using a range of management software such as Tecom C4 and Tecom Forcefield.


Hardware in the Tecom range includes the main Challenger Plus control panel, input expansion modules (Known as Data Gathering Panels or DGP’s), door controllers (Known as Network Access Controllers or NAC’s), remote arming stations, card readers and a variety of I/O and communication modules. DGP’s and door controllers are used to expand the system and can be installed throughout a premises or in adjacent buildings to minimise cabling to field devices. DGP’s can be connected via RS485 LAN, IP over LAN modules or Fibre converters allowing connection using the client network or existing fibre links.


In addition to LAN expansion, multiple Challenger Control Panels can be linked together using software. This allows large corporate or Government clients to manage hundreds of sites and thousands of users from a single software package.


Each Challenger panel is capable of connecting 31 DGP’s, 1008 input devices, 32 RAS’s, 512 outputs and 96 doors. The Challenger Panel has onboard memory and can store 99 areas, 10,000 events and 2,000 users by default.

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