Integriti Mobile

Remote Accessiblility to your Integriti System


The Integriti Mobile App provides remote accessibility to your Integriti system from anywhere in the world. The user-friendly system allows you to control your system by arming and disarming, controlling doors, adjust and create automatic tasks and areas.

If push notifications are required, then the Skycommand App is needed along with a Skycommand subscription.


  • Arm or Disarm your Integriti security system remotely
  • Lock or Unlock your doors remotely
  • Get convenient remote control of Automated Tasks, Inputs, Auxiliaries and
  • Security Areas & Doors
  • View the system event log (review) and apply time or event category filters and event colour coding
  • Create home page Widgets for fast access to common tasks
  • Built-in Widget icons
  • Widgets have single press toggle and double press control screens
  • Creation of background maps with icon overlays
  • Advanced timing control of Doors and Auxiliaries
  • Add background images for both Portrait & Landscape modes with ease using the Camera or Camera Roll

Technical Specifications

Integriti Mobile is included in Integriti Professional, Business and Corporate and has no limitations on the number of connections.

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