Integriti Security Controller

IP-connected security controller


The Integriti Security Controller (ISC) is the brains of the Integriti security platform.

The controller itself has 16 zone inputs, 2 auxiliary relay outputs, power supply, ethernet port and internal & external siren outputs. Further expansion is available via expander panels and additional modules. The flexible design allows expansion up to 100,000 users, 3,000 zone inputs, 3,000 outputs, over 1000 card readers and 240 Doors.

The user database is stored locally on the controller, so if any network issues or failure of the management PC occurs, the controller will continue to operate.

Multiple Integriti Security Controllers at different sites can be linked together to provide a unified platform that can be managed from a central location.

The software is available in three editions, Professional, Business & Corporate.

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