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Credentials are the keys used to unlock access control doors or disarm alarm systems. Not all credentials are created equally. Some of the credential types available today are:

Prox cards were the first contactless card developed to mitigate against the vulnerabilities of the Mag stripe card. While robust and reliable, the prox card has become an unsecure option due to its susceptibility to be cloned.

Smart Cards:
Smart cards typically use the 13.56 MHz frequency to transmit information between card and reader and include a microchip to store information. A variety of smart card options are available with differing levels of security. iClass, Mifare, Desfire are examples of smart card technology and all contain some form of encryption, however it is still possible to clone these card types.

Mobile Credentials:
There are many reasons mobile credentials are becoming more widely used. Arguably they are more secure than other credentials as the phone needs to be unlocked to activate the credential. Employee’s don’t need to be present when issuing the credential and administrators can change the owner of the credential with ease.

Biometrics are largely considered the most secure form of credentials as it guarantees the presence of the actual user. There are multiple biometric access control technologies on the market today, including fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition technology. While biometrics are the most secure, they are also the most expensive, so they are usually only used in high security applications.

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