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Effective access control system components are an important part of your business’ security system, safeguarding your premises against unauthorised entry. The quality of peripherals, such as security access card readers, electric strikes and magnetic locks, is almost as important as your main alarm and CCTV systems.

Ryalex Security has a long history of providing high quality integrated security solutions and access control parts for retail, education and government security systems. For example, we overhauled Anytime Fitness’ security systems to ensure members of their gyms are adequately protected at all times while training. 

Protect your assets, resources and staff with quality access control peripherals from Ryalex Security today.

Peripheral or field devices are almost as important as the brains of your security system. These devices are often the first line of defence against intruders or vandals. At Ryalex, we take a holistic approach to security and ensure every device connected to the system is robust, reliable and adds value to the system.

What Are the Parts of an Access Control System?

There are several vital access control system components that can be added to your security equipment to increase safety in your workplace. Ryalex offers a wide range of access control parts that you can use to build a security system that comfortably protects your business.

Key Card Readers

Key card readers permit authorised users to access an area. A security door card reader is mounted at the entrance of the building to read data stored on each key card when it is presented. The data is then transmitted to the system for verification, with access only granted if a matching authorised profile is found.

Key card readers help regulate access to either your overall building or a specific area, or both. A security card reader system grants access to authorised users without the need for keys. A security door card reader can also be used to track entry and exit times, making them handy for security audits, emergency situations and tracking workplace attendance.

Access Control Cards

Access control cards are physical or digital items that carry a user’s ID data to enable them access to a particular area. An access control card reader scans the information on a card when it is presented and scans the system to authenticate it. In a similar way to a key card reader, personalised access rights are granted if a matching profile is found. 

Access control cards allow system administrators to assign specific entry permissions based on an individual’s role or their security clearances. The ID card readers also ensure that sensitive areas are accessible only to those with the required permissions and training to access them.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is a hardware device installed on a door frame alongside an existing lock. It is a movable piece that is activated by an electric current. When activated, it allows the door lock to unbolt and pass through freely, granting access to a user.

Electric strikes enable a door to be locked or unlocked remotely. When integrated with a card reader for an access control system, electric strikes allow you to control entry to your building without manual intervention or a physical presence. They are useful in automating access management to high traffic areas, and can be handy to quickly lockdown an area or the entire building during a security threat.

Magnetic Locks

Access control magnetic locks consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate. When the lock is activated, a strong magnetic field secures the door in place by attaching the electromagnet to the plate.

In high security areas, access control magnetic locks are an effective device. They are highly resistant to tampering and forced entry as the magnetic field can withstand a huge amount of force. They are typically used in conjunction with other access control system components, such as an access card reader, to ensure the doors remain securely locked until a disarming signal is received.

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