Magnetic Locks

Electric locks for non-standard doors

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Magnetic locks are an electric locking system used on non-standard doors where an electric strike will not fit. Non-standard doors include glass doors, sliding doors and gates.

When choosing an electric lock, it is important to consider the operational requirements of the site. While a maglock may be the only option to secure a door, it has a few disadvantages:

  1. Maglocks need to be constantly powered. If there are long power outages onsite, then doors with maglocks will be unsecure.
  2. To exit, activation of a REX button or use of a REX sensor will need to be used. Depending on the door construction and orientation of walls, positioning of these devices may not be convenient to the user.
  3. In an emergency situation, locating the REX or Safety breakglass device may take longer than simply turning the handle of the door.

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