Corporate Offices

Why Secure a Corporate space?

Corporate security systems are protecting much more than just people and assets. Reputation, people management and protection from liability are key areas a security system can help your business. An integrated security system will streamline operations allowing staff to spend more time on their key roles and responsibilities.


Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide the ability to restrict access to specific users during certain times of the day and log all access atempts. This is particularly helpful for sites with flexible working hours as it allows staff to come and go, while still protecting the site from intruders.

Duress Alarms

For customer facing premises, a duress alarm is particularly important to ensure the safety of reception/administration staff. Duress alarms can either be annunciated locally to alert other staff or be routed to a monitoring centre for police response.

Integrated systems

Integrating security subsystems helps staff to efficiently manage users and incidents. For example, integrating access control with a CCTV system will allow operators to view camera footage of an access event quickly and easily

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