Business Security: 3 Important Commercial Security Solutions to Consider

With commercial security getting more important and complex with the advanced technology, it is important to secure your business assets, including valuables, staff and premises. Being one of the leading commercial security companies, Ryalex Security provides commercial security system equipment and services including security monitoring, maintenance and other services.

Here are 3 important solutions to consider for your business security requirements before you engage a commercial security specialist.

Access Control

A must-have component of your overall commercial security system to ensure your staff safety as well as control or limit access within your business.

With a commercial access control system, you can easily add, modify or delete a user access, as well as generate system reports in order to conduct a comprehensive security review. There is a range of access control solutions, starting from a simple standalone system for one door, up to an integrated security solution for your organisation’s integrity.

Remember that with the right system, you can limit critical area access to certain people while allowing unrestricted access to common areas for everyone.

Intruder & Duress Alarms

One of the best ways to help deter and detect an intruder on your commercial premises. Monitoring the intruder and duress alarm system with a central monitoring station (CMS) ensures guards are dispatched when needed. This can also be complemented with local audible & visual alarms to notify other staff members of an incident, so that they follow the correct protocol. If you have employees working alone or in remote areas, a duress alarm system button can be installed to ensure staff security.

Alarm System Monitoring

Unfortunately, many business owners and site managers do not realise the important of commercial security monitoring services until they are broken into; while monitoring is one of the best security measures that a wise business owner would take to protect his business. You only know its importance after you go through the inconvenience of having to file insurance claims and then replace all your stolen belongings. Keeping a close eye on any suspicious movement on or near your commercial premises helps in averting any unexpected incident that could jeopardize your business security.

Contact a commercial security specialist at Ryalex to learn more about the different types of commercial security systems available from the simple to the most technologically advanced.