How a Commercial CCTV Surveillance System Can Save Money?

commercial CCTV system has become an important component of a commercial security system, by helping prevent thefts & identifying the offender. While many business owners & stakeholders would think installing a CCTV system in a business is expensive, at Ryalex Security, being a commercial security system provider, we wanted to explain how a CCTV system can actually save you money.

We look at CCTV cameras and greater security system installation as an investment, initially you outlay for the installation, however savings are recouped over time. Let’s look into how a commercial CCTV system can save money and increase your revenue.

Remote Access

Modern CCTV security systems empower businesses through their ability to be controlled
& managed remotely. This great feature allows security personnel to decide whether a situation requires special attention or police attending to the premises, before having to attend physically to assess the situation. This could potentially save a lot of money & manpower, reducing the need for an employee to patrol a property, as watching a footage makes it easy to assess what is actually happening.

Insurance Premium

A commercial security system does not only provide peace of mind, as most insurance companies would cover the cost of damages within buildings where there are enough security measures. Businesses with no proper commercial security systems, including CCTV, might have to pay for the damages themselves. Also, CCTV security is important to reduce the insurance premiums, as most insurance companies are likely to offer better prices to businesses that engaged a commercial security specialist to protect their premises.

Work Hard

Nobody wants to add more pressure to their daily work, an employee who doesn’t feel protected at work will definitely be less efficient and productive than another who feels secure where he spends about a third of his/her life. This has also been proven by various studies. Another benefit for having a CCTV system at work is to maintain the workflow whether a manager is overseeing the daily operations or not, as all employees would know that they are watched regardless of the physical presence of their bosses.

Reduced Losses

This is usually the main benefit for which business owners want a CCTV system installed. Reduction of damages & losses due to theft is a big thing to many businesses. This is exceptionally valid in businesses where thefts can cause a huge loss due to the time lost on a project being held off, even more than the physical loss of items. With the advanced CCTV technology, new commercial cameras can actually capture the face of an intruder, which deter thieves as they know it.

At Ryalex Security, we do not only supply commercial security systems, but we design custom security solutions for each business to provide a solution that works seamlessly. We can also combine CCTV with an alarm system to optimise the security of the business. If you would like to talk to a commercial security specialist, get in touch with Ryalex Security now.