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In the gaming & gambling industry, a powerful tool has emerged to tackle the issue of self exclusion—facial recognition technology. With the ability to retrofit existing commercial CCTV surveillance systems, this cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionise how self exclusion works.

What is self exclusion from gambling?

Self exclusion refers to an agreement between an individual and a gambling venue. The individual willingly commits to being banned from entering or remaining on the premises where gambling activities take place. This voluntary arrangement aims to provide assistance to problem gamblers who are grappling with controlling their gambling habits.

How can facial recognition be used to enforce self exclusion?

Facial recognition gambling technology has emerged as a game-changer in enforcing betting self exclusion programs.

By employing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, facial recognition camera systems can scan the faces of individuals entering gambling venues. The technology then compares the captured images against a betting self exclusion list. If a person’s face matches an entry on the list, staff are promptly notified, thwarting their attempt to relapse into gambling.

Challenges Faced by Traditional Self Exclusion Programs

Despite the best intentions, traditional self exclusion gambling programs face several challenges that may render them less effective. Common hospitality security solutions such as identification checks and exclusion lists are often susceptible to loopholes. Determined individuals can exploit gaps in security measures, assuming different identities or slipping through the cracks of manual processes. These limitations pose a significant risk to the integrity and purpose of betting self exclusion initiatives.

The Role of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology, with its remarkable capabilities, presents a viable solution to the challenges faced by traditional self exclusion programs. Widely used in various industries, this technology holds immense potential for transforming how we address security concerns.

By accurately identifying individuals and automating the identification process, gambling facial recognition technology offers improved efficiency, increased accuracy, and enhanced deterrence. Its applications extend beyond betting self exclusion, making it a valuable asset in bolstering general business security systems.

Improved identification accuracy

Facial recognition technology significantly enhances the accuracy of identification. By precisely matching individuals against self exclusion databases, false positives and negatives are minimised. This ensures that only those who genuinely fall under the self exclusion agreement are detected and prevented from entering gambling venues.

Real-time monitoring

One of the most significant advantages of facial recognition systems is their ability to provide real-time monitoring. With continuous scanning capabilities, these systems can instantly identify self excluded individuals within crowded gambling venues. This proactive approach empowers security personnel to intervene swiftly and prevent potential relapses.

Automation and efficiency

Facial recognition technology automates the identification process, alleviating the burden on staff. This frees up their time and resources, enabling them to focus on providing excellent customer service and attending to other critical tasks. The integration of this technology streamlines operations, enhancing overall efficiency within gambling venues.


Beyond its practical applications, the mere presence of facial recognition technology acts as a strong deterrent. The knowledge that advanced surveillance systems are in place to enforce self exclusion agreements serves as a potent warning to those considering breaching the terms. The fear of detection and subsequent consequences discourages self-excluded individuals from attempting to access gambling venues.

How Does Self Exclusion Work?

At Ryalex, we don’t just talk about the potential of facial recognition technology for self exclusion in the gambling industry. We have already implemented and successfully deployed this technology for numerous venues. 

In fact, Ryalex Security has recently secured a project to deploy the state-of-the-art Vix Vizion facial recognition camera system at a pub in Lidcombe, Sydney. This innovative technology will play a crucial role in supporting the venue’s gambling self exclusion scheme, aiding staff in effectively enforcing the program.

Read more about Ryalex’s successful implementation of facial recognition gambling technology for self exclusion schemes.

By partnering with Ryalex, you can take advantage of our expertise and cutting-edge solutions to ensure the effectiveness of your self exclusion program. If you are considering implementing facial recognition technology for your venue, whether to enhance general security measures or enforce self exclusion gambling programs, we encourage you to contact Ryalex today. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop a customised solution that aligns with your requirements.

Gambling Self Exclusion Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of venues use facial recognition systems for gambling self exclusion?

The use of facial recognition for gambling is now widely accepted in many venues. Facial recognition technology can be installed in a range of settings, from small country pubs to large casinos. Ryalex’s team of experts coordinate the design and installation of a tailored self exclusion system for each venue.

What measures are in place to ensure data privacy and protection in self exclusion systems?

Ryalex uses only the highest quality security products in gambling self exclusion systems, which are equipped with a range of privacy measures to protect users’ personal information, including:

  • Data encryption to protect against access or theft of information
  • Strict control over who can access the data
  • Retaining the data only for a specified period of time and deleting it when it is no longer needed

What is the accuracy rate of your systems in identifying self-excluded individuals?

Facial recognition systems vary in their ability to accurately detect self-excluded individuals. Ryalex’s facial recognition technologies are generally very accurate when identifying the faces of individuals participating in self exclusion. However, it is important to note that no system is perfect, and that false identification may occur from time to time. Final verification procedures should be followed as part of the review process.

What kind of support and maintenance services do you offer?

At Ryalex, we offer a number of security system maintenance services to our clients. In addition to upholding any product or service warranties, we are able to assist with technical support, firmware updates and user training of our self exclusion systems. Combining our industry leading products with our ongoing maintenance services ensures that your gambling self exclusion system will continue to perform reliably over the long term.

Can self exclusion technologies be bypassed or fooled?

While self exclusion systems are generally very secure, they can be susceptible to cyber attacks and fraud attempts. A fully integrated Ryalex self exclusion system uses sophisticated technology to help minimise threats to data security. 

There are several ways to mitigate the effects of these bypass attempts, including training staff to identify suspicious activity, regularly maintaining the system’s hardware and software, and conducting human verification checks as part of the final review process of each case.

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