Is Your Business Due For a Security Systems Upgrade?

Upgrading security systems at your business is a great way of protecting your staff and assets against unauthorised entry and theft. As these threats become more sophisticated, a robust security system is even more important to safeguard your business and your staff. Ryalex stocks a range of commercial security solutions, including security cameras, alarms and access control systems

Is Your Business Due For Security System Upgrades?

It is recommended that you upgrade old security systems at your business if you are experiencing any of the following concerns.

-Frequent Failures and Reliability Concerns

If your security system is continually malfunctioning or failing to adequately protect your staff and assets in the event of a break in, it is a clear sign to upgrade security systems around your workplace.

-Evolving Security Needs of Your Business

Recently taken on more staff, expanded into a new location or invested in new and expensive equipment? Protect all aspects of your business with a security system replacement.

-Your Existing Security System is Old

If your existing security system was installed more than 10 years ago, or you inherited it when you moved into your building, there’s a good chance that your security system is due for an upgrade. Often, issues in older systems are not apparent until tested by a trained security technician.

The Benefits of Upgrading Security Systems

There are several benefits to a security system upgrade. From more complete protection to convenience, a new security system has several advantages that are worth considering.

-Enhanced Protection and Peace of Mind

Security system upgrades offer enhanced protection of equipment, stock and employees. A new security system provides you with peace of mind that your business is reliably safeguarded against all security threats.

-Utilise New Technology

High-definition surveillance, motion detection, remote access and real-time alerts are just some of the features that modern security systems are equipped with. Upgrade security systems at your company to a solution that better fits your needs.

-Cost Effectiveness in the Long Run

Although security system upgrades do require a sizable initial investment, they are a cost effective solution in the long run. New security systems require less maintenance and also use far less energy than older security products.

Ways of Upgrading Security Systems at Your Business

There are multiple options if you are looking to upgrade security systems at your company.

-Upgrade Wired Security Systems to Wireless

If you are running a wired security alarm system with old cabling, you might consider replacing it with a wireless one. Wireless security systems offer more flexibility, and reduced installation costs.

-Integrate Your Security System

Instead of independent systems for each area of your premises, consider an integrated security solution. Combining different products, such as surveillance cameras, alarms and access control systems, into one integrated security network improves the efficiency of your security system and ensures seamless responses if unauthorised activity is detected.

Need Help With Business Security System Upgrades?

Choosing the right security solution for your business is a critical decision. Ryalex Security offers its expertise in assessing your current system, recommending a tailored security solution and installing the new security system for your business.

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