Why DIY Business Security Systems are a Bad Idea

For many business owners, a DIY security system may seem like a worthwhile investment that offers an upgrade in security for a fraction of the price. However, a DIY security system can be a complex and unreliable undertaking that ends up costing your business more in the long run. What’s more, many professional security outfits will not carry out repair works on DIY commercial security systems, leaving you further out of pocket.

For a hassle-free install of commercial security equipment at a competitive price, contact Ryalex Security. We have decades of experience in security system installations that cover a variety of equipment, including business CCTV systems and access control. For businesses that require constant security system monitoring, our team can help keep a watchful eye on your premises around the clock. Ryalex’s technicians can also carry out security system maintenance to keep your equipment functioning correctly.

Business Security Systems: DIY vs Professional

A DIY commercial security system is one that has been purchased, installed and maintained entirely by the business proprietor. There is a perceived cost saving with a DIY security system for businesses over a professional one, as no labour rates are paid for out of the business’ pocket. However, as explained below, there are a number of hidden factors that can cause this expense to drastically increase.

A professionally installed security system, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive package that enhances the protection of your workplace for the long term. While the upfront cost is higher, many reputable installers include installation costs and a maintenance plan for your equipment, which can help save your business money in the long run. When you purchase from a professional, you also have access to a support network who can assist with refunding or returning your security equipment if it does not function properly. With DIY commercial security systems, the after-sales network can be much more challenging to work with.

The Hidden Risks of a Self Install Business Security System

DIY business security systems come with a number of liabilities and limitations with regards to their after sales care and maintenance. We have detailed a number of specific risks below that impact the viability of DIY commercial security systems, all of which are avoided with a professional installation.


A security system is a complex entity to install and maintain. Even a DIY small business security camera system involves intricate electrical knowledge to install correctly. Most DIYers do not have the level of skill, nor the qualifications, required to reliably install, operate and maintain commercial security systems. This may lead to increased expenses if faults occur with the equipment that can be attributed to the installation.


A DIY security system for your business can prove to be unreliable if the components were not installed correctly. To compound the issue, DIY commercial security systems are rarely covered by manufacturer warranty if the installation was not carried out by a licensed professional. A combination of faulty equipment and an invalid warranty can cost thousands to rectify.


While value for money is the motive for many people to choose a DIY security system for their business, it is also a key reason not to. While not having to pay installation and maintenance costs may represent a substantial saving, malfunctioning equipment that can be traced back to an unqualified installation can cause unwanted bills.


In addition to being a financial burden, installing a DIY security system for your business could land you in legal trouble, depending on the type of equipment you are installing and your qualifications. Many Australian states require any electrical work to be carried out by a licensed electrician, with severe penalties if an electrical fire caused by DIY electrical work destroys your premises.

Upgrading Your DIY Security System with Professional Equipment

If you have already installed a DIY security system for your business and now want to upgrade it, the good news is that many professional outlets offer packages to help you do so. 

Ryalex, for example, stocks a range of equipment that can be integrated into your business’ existing security system. Our qualified technicians will take care of all wiring and other electrical work needed to upgrade your DIY security system to a professional setup.

Why Choose Ryalex for Professional Security Systems?

Ryalex Security offers a number of workplace safety systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We sell, install, monitor and maintain business CCTV systems, access control setups and  alarm systems. Our offerings are backed by excellent after sales service and manufacturer warranties. What’s more, we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers, meaning support is far easier to access than with a DIY security system. 

Contact Ryalex Security today to find out more about how our solutions outperform DIY commercial security systems.