How to Ensure Police Response to Hold-up Alarms?

It’s often incorrectly assumed that Police will attend to any alarm generated from a commercial security alarm system. While a central monitoring station (CMS) may dispatch Police, it is important to know when this happens or why a guard might be sent instead. The recently updated National Police Alarm Response Guidelines have detailed when Police will respond to alarm activations. The guidelines classify alarm types according to the activation technique, along with the response priority to each commercial alarm, in order for the police to respond – or not – to the alarm.

With the increased number of non-genuine Duress/Hold-up alarm activations, a consistent policy has been introduced for Australia policing jurisdictions to know how to respond to Duress alarm activations. This can vary from prioritising the alarm, marking it as routine, or in some cases not responding.

Police response will be prioritised as ‘High Priority’ when a Hold-Up alarm is received through a device that has set specifications, one of which is a dual activation system, to ensure it’s not a false alarm. This device will also have to be permanently affixed, installed to industry standards, and monitored by an approved CMS. Any activation from a single button commercial security device will now be prioritised as ‘Routine’, unless there is confirmation of the alarm (eg. Through video verification).

Which Hold up Button meets the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines?

When connected to a commercial alarm system and monitored by an approved CMS, The Ryalex Dual Press Hold Up Button ticks all the boxes to meet the National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines for a dual activated commercial hold up alarm. With its dual activator this device is false alarm proof, and can be permanently mounted to the underside of a desk, table, or wall.


  • Dual End Of Line resistor values are ‘on board’ selectable for either Tecom or Concept/Integriti alarm panels.
  • “AND” or “OR” selectable button operation.
  • Easy activation of the transmitter from a fixed position, whilst preventing false activations.
  • Ergonomically designed without any sharp edges or protruding fasteners, complete with fixings and mounting hole flush caps.

If you need a commercial security alarm system incorporating Hold up buttons, and want to ensure police attendance on an alarm activation, talk to one of our commercial security experts at Ryalex today. We take the time to understand our customer’s business to provide the best commercial security solutions Australia-wide.