Is Your Business Security System NBN-ready?

With NBN being rolled out across Australia, many businesses need to review their commercial security alarm system and other integrated systems to ensure they are NBN-ready. Many existing commercial alarm systems rely on the fixed phone line to communicate with the central monitoring centre. Some businesses may not be aware that with the role out of the NBN the fixed phone lines used for alarm monitoring will be removed. Not all security systems will be affected, but you need to ensure your security system will remain compatible with the NBN. A commercial security company can audit your system and provide a recommendation.

What are the risks to your business’ security when switching to NBN?

If your commercial alarm system is not fully compatible with the new technology, it might have an increased potential for alarm signals not to be transmitted correctly or not function at all during a power outage. Even if your service provider offers a back-up battery, this cannot provide the minimum 16 hours of battery back-up time required for an Australian Standard AS2201.1 monitored alarm system, which could put your insurance claims at risk.

What does Ryalex Security recommend?

We would first advise all businesses to contact a commercial security company and complete a security audit on the existing equipment. Generally, we advise our customers to transition to a wireless security monitoring solution to avoid any service disruption. This means your security system will be connected over the 4G mobile phone network.

The Wireless solution consists of a 4G wireless communicator with dual sim cards (Telstra & Optus) built-in providing a redundant path of communication. The wireless communicator is powered directly from the battery-backed alarm system, ensuring optimal security monitoring that is not affected by power outages.

How quick should businesses act?

The sooner the better. You have an 18-month transition period, after which your traditional copper voice-based phone line will be disconnected from your premises, which means your business’ security is then compromised. Even if your alarm system is still working while you moved to NBN, there is no guarantee it will remain functional during a power outage.

To talk to a commercial security consultant or upgrade your current commercial alarm system, talk to the team at Ryalex Security to assist you with further information.