Video Surveillance for Businesses: Is It Worth the Investment?

A good commercial CCTV or video surveillance system is one of the best investments you can add to your business, as it discourages criminal activity and provides peace of mind to your employees by adding the extra security to the premises.

Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of commercial CCTV systems for businesses in various industries, providing the most reliable video surveillance systems on the market.

While no commercial security system provides 100% immunity to theft and vandalism, our security consultants build custom commercial security plans to deliver true peace of mind to business owners and stakeholders.

Every business owner needs the peace of mind of not having to physically visit the commercial premises to check on something when they feel concerned, for instance if the commercial alarm on premises is triggered. A good commercial video surveillance system gives business owners the ability to check in on their businesses from virtually anywhere.

Modern Video Surveillance Technology

Latest advances in commercial video surveillance effectively help businesses combat threats while providing the following additional benefits:

  • Remote monitoring apps from handheld devices
  • Capture clear & detailed images with HD video
  • Make day-to-day business operations more efficient
  • Reduce insurance premiums and mitigate false insurance claims

Video Surveillance with HD Video Resolution

High-definition (HD) resolution provides high quality, clear and detailed images, offering stronger evidence of an incident, which assists police departments find the criminal when submitting evidence.

Selecting a Commercial Security Provider

Before choosing a commercial security system, it’s important to get a security consultation from a specialist to identify your security needs. You need to ensure your security company can offer the following:

  • Optimal response times
  • Installation and maintenance services
  • Advanced technology to suit your integrated systems
  • Ability to offer customised security solutions
  • Great understanding of commercial security

We have long years of experience delivering cost-effective commercial security systems across Australia. Talk to one of our commercial security consultants who can assess your business requirements and determine the right security solution for you.