Panic Buttons for Business: Enhance the Security of Your Business

Commercial security companies are always looking for ways to enhance businesses’ security by designing custom products that provide optimal protection against theft and vandalism to businesses including banks, schools, gyms and other business premises.

As Ryalex is one of the leading commercial security specialists in Australia, we design custom security products including warning lights, dual hold-up duress buttons, panic buttons and other products to protect employees from harm. These are designed to provide an instant alert to your commercial security monitoring company when an employee feels in danger and need immediate emergency assistance. This can include workplace violence (verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse) by someone at work, which could happen in any office, shop, café, community groups or government organisations.

Protection against workplace violence – who is at a higher risk?

  • Lone workers or workers in remote areas.
  • Offsite workers
  • Workers in unpredictable environments
  • Premises allowing face-to-face meetings with customers
  • Business handling cash or valuables (example: jewellery shops, banks)
  • Providing care to people who are in distress, afraid, ill or incarcerated (example: councils, Centrelink, hospitals…)

Your commercial security company can assess the need of a panic button at your business, as it would provide your employees, along with yourself a better sense of security. It might be nearly impossible to fully prevent workplace violence, however a panic button paired with a commercial integrated security solution is a great way to prevent an incident and have police respond to intervene.

The many shootings over the last two decades in different countries has raised security concerns and exposed the security weaknesses in many public and private facilities including education and places of worship (churches). Installing a security system with integrated panic buttons would not only alert the police of an emergency, but it could also notify the entire campus to execute the required safety precautions.

Prevention and management of workplace violence & vandalism requires a commercial security company to assess the nature and location of work, the types of clients and staffing levels to identify the risk.

This means that the security measures need to be tailored to your workplace. These could include:

  • Commercial CCTV installation, monitoring & verification.
  • Commercial alarms & duress alarm systems.
  • Advanced access control systems.
  • Providing supervision, support and communication equipment.
  • Reviewing systems and procedures periodically and after an incident, to ensure the risk is eliminated or minimised as far as practicable.

If you need to talk to commercial security company, talk to the specialists at Ryalex today.