Coronavirus: Is Your Business Leveraging a Security System to Reinforce Business Policies?

With the Covid-19 outbreak continuing to spread across Australian cities, we have received many enquiries from businesses looking to make customised amendments to their business security systems. The outbreak has highlighted a need for stronger security measures to protect staff, customers and business assets while business premises are left vacated or manned by a single employee.

There are different requirements depending on the nature of each business, these include advanced access control systems, visitor management systems, temperature detection cameras, or remote systems management.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Early detection and isolation of people with elevated temperature is key for continued business operation. Screening people at entry points to your business’ premises is the best way to protect staff and visitors and reduce the risk of spreading the infection. This system works for different businesses, including banks, supermarkets, hospitals and healthcare facilities as well as many other commercial premises.

Visitor Management Systems

Many businesses have implemented visitor management desks as a simple first line of defence to the business, which is then integrated with the business access control system. Keeping record of every visitor and those who were allowed entry will assist with contact tracing should any visitor or employee test positive.

Business Access Control System

Many businesses and entities are in the process of making major operational decisions in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and it’s important to ensure their threat mitigation policy is reflected in their access control system.

We are working with many businesses who have amended their working hours or temporarily shut down to revisit their lock/unlock and alarm open/close schedules to make sure their premises are properly armed. This includes gyms, supermarkets, banks, schools, childcare centres and many other businesses. Many employees have also suspended some employees, which in turn should be reflected on their access control swipe card database.

Remote Services & Support

With more and more businesses sending their employees to work from home and closing their doors to visitors and contractors, stakeholders will need to leverage remote services and support for some business functions, including security. The business security system should be able to be managed by business owners or authorised staff quickly and easily through remote pc software or mobile applications.

Some businesses are also using the down time as an opportunity to audit and upgrade their security systems. Consider taking some time to review your commercial security system or speak to one of our security consultants today to ensure any vulnerabilities are eliminated.