Commercial CCTV Maintenance, Repair & Servicing: What to Consider?

Commercial CCTV cameras are very important for businesses since they act as reliable crime deterrents to complement your business security system. A good commercial CCTV system will help avoid break-ins to your business premises, damaging or stealing your assets, or putting your staff at risk, especially if employees are working alone. Technology and advancements in CCTV and commercial security generally allow easy and affordable upgrades of the system to ensure you have one of the best CCTV systems for your business.

Like anything that is human-made, CCTV cameras are prone to breaking down if not properly maintained by a professional commercial security company, which could lead to complete failure of the system.

How often should you have your CCTV system serviced?

A monthly check-up by staff is considered an industry standard to ensure the system is working on a monthly basis, however a more detailed service is required to be completed by a trained technician in order to ensure camera images remain focused, and software updates are completed. The time between preventative maintenance inspections depends on the installation conditions and type of system however generally speaking a bi-annual preventative maintenance service should be completed for most businesses.

Factors affecting your commercial CCTV service:

A CCTV camera placed in an outdoor environment such as a construction site or near salt water would be under different conditions than a camera installed in an office environment. Cameras installed in outdoor environments are exposed to dust and harsh weather conditions and be subject to obstructions such as growth of trees or changes to building construction disrupting the desired field of view.

While cameras installed indoors do not necessarily have these impacts, the height of the installed cameras may provide easy access for a devious staff member to mask or rotate the camera away from the desired view or simply disconnect it from the system. Regular checks of the system are recommended to ensure ongoing performance.

CCTV Maintenance: Your Checklist

Whether the maintenance is going to be completed by your staff or a commercial security company, it’s important to know what is usually checked during routine maintenance.

  1. Monitors & Recordings

It’s critical to the CCTV system is being recorded and monitored properly. This includes date and time stamps, brightness and contrast settings, cabling and cleanliness of the whole system.

  • Software Maintenance

Performing a software update will allow the system to protect itself from IT vulnerabilities and potentially gain newer or advanced features.

  • Camera quality & Lenses

This is to ensure you will be getting clear footage that can be used if required as proof for legal and insurance authorities. If located outdoors the cameras should be cleaned and re-focused. If your camera has motion sensors, these should be tested as part of the maintenance routine.

  • Camera position

Ensure that the camera angles have not changed and that there are no obstructions to the camera view.

CCTV Camera Repairs

If during an audit, a routine check or professional maintenance it’s found that a camera is not functioning as desired, its best to engage a commercial security company to investigate the issue. There could be a number of reasons why a camera has ceased functioning and a trained technician will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and accurately.

When you’re not sure if your CCTV cameras are offering the best for your business, talk to a commercial security company or seek professional advice.