Custom Commercial Security Duress Alarm Products

Ryalex Security has been servicing commercial clients across Australia since 1996, focusing on providing innovative security ideas and design to banks, financial institutions, and other businesses through advances in electronic security.

Ryalex has progressed to one of the most trusted providers in the electronic security industry for commercial businesses. We don’t only keep pace with modern technologies, but we can tailor a range of electronic security solutions to suit any size business, we have a design and manufacturing division that caters to custom requirements for each commercial client.

Some of our custom commercial security solutions include:

Ryalex Dual Press Hold Up Button

An ideal security solution to minimise the risk of false security alarms, designed to meet the NSW Police as well as other organisations’ demands for a false alarm resistant dual press duress activator. With the Ryalex Dual Press Hold Up Button, it is harder to press the duress activator accidentally, as the button enclosure is ergonomically designed without any sharp or protruding corners. Its made from ABS plastic providing a robust housing for a wide array of applications and comes complete with fixings and mounting hole flush caps.

Inovonics EN1233 Duress Button Holsters

This button holster allows specific duress buttons to be securely mounted to the underside of a desk, table, or wall to protect the transmitter from being misplaced or damaged. The holster allows the button to be removed for mobile operation or battery replacement, providing easy activation of the transmitter from a fixed position. It is also ergonomically designed without any sharp edges or protruding fasteners and will resist any lateral or direct forces without cracking, thanks to the polypropylene plastic injection.

Ryalex Ring Tone Generator

An innovative commercial security solution to improve the health and safety of employees on the front line. Upon activation, this smart security solution will make the centrally located Dummy Phone ring with a ringtone that is distinctly different from their usual phone system, discreetly alerting staff of a situation, pushing them to take the necessary action. The frequency of the ringtone is identical to a normal PSTN ringtone, ensuring discretion. This smart sound solution decreases the risk on incidents to staff, by replacing those obvious sonalerts and piezo’s used in many premises.

Ryalex Under Phone Warning Light

Another complementary security solution to improve the safety of employees on the front line.

This solution is designed to be installed either under a telephone, desk, or computer monitor. When triggered and activated, it discretely alerts staff of a situation without alerting the perpetrators or other customers in the premises, designed to be small enough, yet bright enough to attract staff attention even out of the corner of their eye. Others will not notice, as it is designed to be positioned and directed so that it is only visible on the staff side of the desk/counter. This smart commercial security solution is an ideal alternative that replaces those obvious strobe lights that can increase the risk of incidents when triggered.

If you have any custom requirements for the electronic security industry, our experienced electronic engineers may be able to help with design and manufacture of any commercial security solutions, to deliver a custom security solution that suits your business.