Security of Multi-site Businesses: What to Consider?

Businesses with multiple premises are often exposed to a wider variety of risks due to the differing nature of each premises, location and staff. Each site may have standalone operations which are overseen by managers from a head office location nearby or interstate.

The differing security requirements coupled with remote management presents a challenge to manage those properties through multiple separate security systems.

In order to oversee employees, secure assets and maintain a consistent safety standard across multiple locations, a multi-site integrated security platform should be deployed.


Implementation of a multi-site integrated security platform such as Innerrange Integriti or Tecom C4 will enable managers to control access to each site individually but manage all users and locations from a head office location.

The alarm system component at each site will operate standalone to detect unauthorised entry or intruders after hours, but the integration of this component with the integrated platform will allow managers to ensure the security of assets remotely and ensure issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

A commercial video surveillance system is another great tool for multi-site businesses. It allows businesses to monitor multiple facilities by streaming video online through a range of devices. This ensures the safety of the staff and the premises is maintained, and empowers top management through the ability to access video feeds and alerts remotely for all locations at any time.


Security risks are never the same across different locations, so the likelihood of crime or incidents should be assessed by a business security consultant based on local crime statistics, business setup, number of employees and many other factors that will dictate the level of security required for each site.

Commercial security packages are tailored by Ryalex Security to each site based on a building’s land size, layout and number of access points available, such as doors and windows, in addition to other factors. While some businesses require basic security tools, other require more advanced tailored solutions with custom integrations to fit the business requirements. We help business owners uphold a consistent security standard across all sites.

If you manage a multi-site business and would like to discuss your security requirements with a commercial security specialist, get in touch with the team at Ryalex Security now to check how you can keep each location and its employees safe.