Tips To Improve Warehouse Security

Warehouses are an integral part of the supply chain for many businesses, often housing large volumes of high-value goods. Securing a warehouse can often seem daunting to those not in the security business, as there are numerous risk factors to consider. Warehouses are more automated than ever, with many operating on complex technological systems. We have created a guide on how to improve your warehouse security and protect your employees.

Why do you need warehouse security?

Securing warehouses and goods can pose a challenge, with threats from both inside and outside the premises. Warehouses are often large in size and complex in nature. Criminals often choose warehouses as they can be lucrative targets and often vulnerable for long periods. Internal threats such as employee theft is also an issue in warehouses. In such a large space, keeping track of employee movements and activities is difficult for managers and owners. It is important to also consider what else needs protecting besides goods in a warehouse – the people, the property and the data.

Prepare an emergency response plan

Having an emergency response plan in place for certain events will prevent confusion, delay in response, and lower the risk of employees being hurt or making mistakes. It is important to create emergency plans for events such as workplace accidents, fires, injury or illness, and procedures for what to do if a crime is committed. Warehouse management can have risk assessments conducted to determine where hazards are present and what equipment is needed to protect employees and goods. Training should be done to prepare employees to use the plans if needed.

Use an access control system

Access control systems are ideal for controlling access to a site electronically either through access control cards or remote access control. Many warehouses choose to limit access to certain areas of their site to key professionals through these systems including a security control room, restricted chemical fridge or a secured Electrical/Communications room. Access control systems can be integrated into several other commercial security solutions including CCTV for maximum security effectiveness.

Install CCTV

Most warehouses are large and complex. Keeping an eye over every corner of the premises can be very difficult. Video surveillance allows a large area to be covered and reduces the need for guards. It is also a good deterrent to both criminals breaking in, and employees from doing the wrong thing inside. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, you can monitor the situation and take immediate action. Cameras can be viewed remotely via smartphones and tablets allowing business owners to check on things from afar.

Video surveillance systems can also improve the workplace safety of the premises. High resolution video can be used to audit safety procedures, or expedite the investigation into workplace health and safety incidents. Learn more about this here.

Use an alarm monitoring system

Intruder alarms are a basic physical security requirement that alert people of an intrusion, possibly scaring away the perpetrators. There are different types of alarm monitoring systems that you can use. Standard alarm monitoring will transmit alarm signals to a monitoring centre via the 4G mobile network. The monitoring centre can then send a guard to check if the site has been comprimised. A better approach is to use Video Verification.

A video verified alarm system consists of a monitored alarm system coupled with an IP video surveillance solution. The integrated solution allows the monitoring centre to gain access to the premises camera footage when an alarm is received. This allows the operator to evaluate the incident and dispatch emergency services quickly providing a faster response.

Use environmental controls

Environmental monitoring systems protect against changes to the environment that may damage goods or systems. This includes air conditioning, air pressure, gas leaks, power gauges, water damage and fire monitoring. Environmental control systems prevent surprises and increase operational efficiency. Security systems on the market today can monitor these systems and provide early warning of any environmental change.

Conduct a security audit regularly

All business systems should be reviewed and updated frequently. When dealing with security plans, it is especially important as these systems protect people and their livelihoods. A monthly test of your technological systems is advised to ensure everything is working properly.

Any existing plans and security systems should be monitored and reviewed yearly. Request a security consultation if you are unsure whether your system is secure or requires an upgrade. Call us on 1300 792 539 or contact us for more information related to security system monitoring, maintenance and installation.

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