The Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras

Business security systems are complex and should be tailored based on a risk analysis completed by a commercial security specialist. Each business is unique when it comes to its security requirements, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for business security.

Businesses in isolated areas or businesses with large outdoor areas require special attention when it comes to security systems. The lack of building infrastructure, or power has historically been a challenge for security installers.

At Ryalex Security, to we specialise in business security systems and have been continuously improving our advanced solar powered security cameras that can monitor any location regardless of a reliable power source. Our innovative technology has allowed us to provide the flexibility and reliability that old systems are lacking, at cost-effective prices.

Solar powered solutions are perfect in many places such as storage yards, agricultural lands, construction sites and any other location where there is a lack of a reliable power source but a need to have a solution to stop crime and vandalism.

A solar-powered security camera has many benefits since it alerts the business owners and relevant authorities immediately while enabling live viewing footage at any time through any device.

The Advantages of Remote Solar Powered Security Cameras

  1. Quick and Easy to Install

There is no need to worry about wiring and power sources with only minimal maintenance required

  • No Power Required

Electricity is not required, and the system can include back-up batteries to ensure it remains fully operational in case there has not been enough sunlight for a certain period. No need to worry about power blackouts!

  • Cloud Control

The system can be controlled from virtually any location, so technicians do not need to visit the camera location for maintenance or health checks.

  • Smart analytics

The system can send notifications to staff on various conditions, such as detection of an intruder or unusual activity.

  • Environmentally Friendly

It is an environmentally responsible solution since it does not require electricity and relies on a renewable energy source to operate. It also requires minimal infrastructure requirements, so the surrounding natural environment can be left untouched.

If you are looking for a reliable solar powered security system for your business, talk to the team at Ryalex Security today and discuss your commercial security requirements with one of our specialists.