Jewellery Stores: Advanced Security Systems & Alarms

For many business owners, the security of their commercial premises is particularly important to ensure the staff and physical assets are secure through advanced business security systems, such as commercial alarms and CCTV. This is especially true for jewellery stores which have always been a common target for theft and vandalism since they usually stock valuable products. This puts a lot of pressure on shop owners to implement the most advanced security systems for their businesses and adopt the best possible technology to deter thieves and avoid theft.

We have seen many concerned jewellery store owners come to us, looking for custom solutions to fit their unique business requirements to protect their shops, employees and various assets. We work with jewellers to identify their risks and weaknesses and address them with custom security products based on 3 main solutions engineered by our team.


Check out our list of basic commercial security systems that must be installed to ensure a secure jewellery store.


Video surveillance for jewellery businesses is one of the most common commercial security solutions that most stakeholders adopt as it helps track down a suspect when required. Advanced business video surveillance systems help identify and record some characteristics that could assist in revealing the thief, such as the height, body build, skin colour and more. When selecting cameras for a jewellery store, it is important to remember that many thefts and break-ins happen late at night. Combining lighting or using cameras with infra-red technology is of great advantage.


Video surveillance will record the incident, but it would not go any further. That is why it is important to have a monitored business alarm to alert the authorities in case of an incident. Alarm monitoring is particularly important for high-value stores to prevent the thief from leaving the premises with valuable stock without notifying the police. The chances of getting the thief arrested onsite are much higher, and also ensures the thief does not get the chance to clear the stock or spend the money elsewhere.

Advanced monitored commercial alarm systems can be customised as required. They are designed to detect any intrusion through different entry points by the addition of door sensors, glass break sensors or motion detection sensors. Integrating the alarm system with CCTV can assist the monitoring centre verify when a theft is taking place and expedite police response.


Another tool that is important when staff are onsite is panic or duress buttons to alert the police of an emergency. These buttons come in different types and shapes and are usually placed in a discreet location. They should remain accessible for employees to use at all times.

Panic button locations should be custom designed based on each office or shop’s setup and floorplan. It is best to consult a commercial security specialist since they have experience with how these buttons work best in a dangerous situation.

When choosing a panic/duress alarm system for a hold up scenario, it is crucial to understand that not all devices are the same. In order to comply with the NSW Police alarm activation guidelines, a dual press hard-wired button is required.