Business Security Mistakes That You Can Avoid

Commercial security is extremely critical to keep your premises, assets, and employees safe. Many businesses believe they have the best commercial security systems in place, while forgetting about the basics. This can leave their business prone to theft and vandalism.

As a leading business security company, we have put together a list of the common mistakes often made by businesses that come to us for system upgrades.

Lack of Access Control

Commercial access control systems are critical for stakeholders to understand who walks in and out of the business premises. Using regular keys to access a premises leaves it vulnerable when keys are lost or misplaced. Credentials in electronic access control systems can be removed from the system with a click of a button, preventing this risk.

Failing to Secure All Exits and Entry Points

Many businesses do not pay attention to the various exits and entry points within their premises as they solely focus on the main entrance. Investing in reed switches and PIR detection to cover all entry points will not only protect the premises when broken into, but will also alert the user if a door has been left open when arming the system.

Believing A Security System Should Last Forever

Your business security company may be offering the latest and most advanced security system for your business at the time of the installation, but that does not necessarily mean it is future-proofed and will never require any alterations or updates. Threats and security are moving targets and your security company will be able to advise on how often your system should be checked and assessed for potential upgrades in maintenance services.

Going DIY

DIY or consumer grade security products could be a good starting point, but there are many vulnerability’s with these products. The standards to which they are made are often suboptimal including manufacturing and cyber security standards. Using commercial grade equipment purchased from a reputable Security Installer will mitigate this risk.

Another common DIY mistake is placing security cameras in suboptimal positions, resulting in those cameras being almost redundant.

Biased Security Checks

Any security checks should apply to everyone within the company including the highest-ranking manager. This is extremely common in workplaces and often means your business security has a gap or hole that makes it weak and prone to threats.

Limited Understanding of How the Security System Works

Having a reliable commercial security company to look after your needs is great, but it is also important to have a good understanding of how the system functions, the technology and the systems limitations. You do not need to become a security expert, but a good understanding of the basics is important.

Do not put your business’ premises, assets or employees at risk, or allow your business to fall victim to crime due to a gap within your business security system.

At Ryalex Security, we expertly install and maintain business security systems for several industries across Australia. Reach out to us today and find out how our security consultants can keep your business protected.