Why You Should Consider An Integrated Security System?

Many organisations look at security systems in response to a specific incident. While this may mitigate the risk of that incident occurring again or provide evidence for future incidents, this approach may not cover additional risks or provide any other benefit to the organisation. When considering a security solution you should first consider the risk that needs to be reduced, but also consider add-on features or integration with other systems that provide the organisation with additional benefits.

We work with our customers across Australia to design, develop and install an integrated security solution that will ensure optimal protection while providing operational and cost saving efficiencies.

Who could benefit from integrated security solutions?

Many of our clients who have access control systems require video coverage of some key access control doors. Having recorded video of an access event is crucial, and having it periodically monitored will help supervisors or managers enforce access & security policies for a safer environment. Managers can access video footage based on specific access control or alarm events to reduce the time required to find the appropriate video.

Premises who employ alarm monitoring services can benefit from the addition of a video surveillance system by allowing the monitoring centre to visually verify an alarm. For example, if an intruder is detected, the monitoring centre can confirm if a robbery is underway and can dispatch emergency services much faster as the chance of it being a false alarm is eliminated. If guards are used onsite, video verification can eliminate this need providing a cost saving to the organisation.

Integration is not only exclusive to link security systems, but it is now open to third party products such as point of sale and building control systems.

Integrated systems can provide useful information that might be used in numerous ways. We have adopted and adapted the latest technology to provide enhanced security integration between a wide array of subsystems. These include:

  • Security system infrastructure, including security networks, servers, storage, workstations and control rooms.
  • Site access control & visitor management
  • Intruder alarm Detection & monitoring
  • Intercom systems
  • Video Surveillance and recording
  • Video analytics including heat mapping, object detection, licence plate recognition & people counting
  • Point of sale systems
  • Third party building control systems such as fire & SCADA monitoring equipment

We promise our clients efficient integrated security systems that are future-proofed for potential expansion. We work with different top vendors and are able to integrate any existing infrastructure and systems, providing customisable security solutions that are tailored to every customer’s specific requirements.

Moral of the story: integrate or disintegrate!