Why choose a VMS over a Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

Video Management Systems provide advanced functionality compared to traditional DVR’s and NVR’s. A NVR or DVR traditionally provides ports for connecting cameras, hard drives for recording and basic software for viewing footage built into the recorder.

A VMS uses a Server for recording cameras which can be scaled to provide a high level of processing power and recording capacity. This allows the VMS to incorporate advanced features and analytics providing the operator with advanced feedback and easier management of footage when an incident occurs.

There is lots to consider when choosing a VMS. Each VMS platform has unique features that may provide value additions to an organisation. Other features may not be required, and paying for these unused features should be avoided to minimise cost.

When we consult with clients, we try to understand the organisations operational procedures and requirements. This helps us select a VMS platform to suit the organisation, providing value for money.

Some of the VMS platforms we work with are:

  • Avigilon Control Centre
  • Axis Camera Station
  • Digifort
  • Geuterbruck
  • Milestone XProtect
  • Nx Witness
  • Wisenet Wave

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