What is the Best Security System for a Business?

Business owners and stakeholders understand that having a security system for their business is a good investment; but how do you ensure the system is fit for purpose? There are many advanced security systems on the market, offering a range of different features and options, so choosing the right option for your business can sometimes be overwhelming.


When you are trying to find the best security system for your business, you need to ensure it does the following:

Protect Your Business from Crime

A good business security system should help protect your business, your employees and your assets from crime. No security system is guaranteed to eliminate crime at a premises, but implementing a number of key security measures will minimises the possible losses.

Intruder detectors such as PIR sensors placed in entryways and Reed Switches on doors and windows will detect any break-in to the premises. Having the security system monitored 24/7 by a dedicated security monitoring company will ensure these detections are actioned and a guard dispatched to site to protect against any losses.

Provide accurate, real-time Monitoring

While an alarm system can detect any unauthorised entry, confirming the intrusion is only possible if a guard or the business owner attends the premises. Installation of CCTV or Video surveillance system will assist the business owner confirm if the event is accurate or a false alarm. Integrating the two systems at the monitoring centre will allow the monitoring centre operator to view the cameras after an alarm event and dispatch police quickly if required. CCTV systems also assist with evidence of such events, assist with insurance claims and provide a deterrent to would-be thieves.

Door Locks & Access Control

In any business, employees come and go, so smart door locks and commercial access control systems are great to ensure employees are assigned selected access through a code, swipe card, fingerprint or any combination that can be changed at any time. If the swipe card is lost or stolen or the employee leaves the company, the credential can be deleted from the system immediately. This is a great advantage over traditional key-based systems.

Mobile Notifications & Remote Access

A good security system for a business will allow remote access through a mobile app to provide full control of your business regardless of your physical location. This is a perfect solution for multi-site businesses.

The advanced security systems on the market now offer customised mobile alerts. If there is a security breach, uncommon activity or simply when a specific event that the business owner would like to track occurs, they can be notified immediately.

How Much Should a Good Business Security System Cost?

As each business is unique in its operations and its premises varies in size, we recommend a consultation with a security professional. Our staff can advise an appropriate system to meet your requirements and suit your budget. It is important to choose commercial grade equipment and have the installation completed by a licenced, certified security professional.

As a leading business security system provider, we are 100% transparent and disclose all associated costs upfront, which means you will know everything you need to pay for in advance.