Custom Commercial Security Products

Ryalex Security has a design and manufacturing division that caters to the financial, Industrial and health & safety industries. These products, whilst designed for a specific purpose, can be adapted to other applications.

Some of our products include:

The Duress button was designed to meet NSW Police standards for a dual activated hold up button. It can be used in a variety of duress applications, including wall mount or under desk mount. It has EOL resistors on-board for Tecom, Concept and Integriti Systems.

These holsters are designed to accomodate the Inovonics EN1233 range of buttons to enable them to be fixed securely to a desk or wall whilst enabling removal of the button for battery replacement.

Our Ring tone generator is used as a discreet annunciation of duress alarm conditions for financial institutions and retail spaces to alert fellow staff members of an emergency situation without increasing the risk to staff.

Our range of warning lights can be used for a variety of alarm conditions including duress annunciation, notification of an armed or disarmed system, temperature alarms or other control alarms.

  • HC Gas Detection Unit for ATM’s and or confined spaces

The HC Gas detection unit detects the presence of Hydrocarbon gas to provide an early warning of gas leaks or arson attempts.

  • Custom built Lithium LiFePo4 batteries

These Lithium Batteries are available in various sizes and capacities. They can be used as a backup battery in many control applications or in combination with solar panels to provide power to equipment in remote locations.

If you have any custom requirements for the electronic security industry, our experienced electronic engineers may be able to help with design and manufacture.

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