Ryalex Ring Tone Generator

Authentic ring tone sound. Blends seamlessly into an office environment.

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The Ryalex Security Ring Tone Generator (RTG) is part of Ryalex Security’s innovative
designs to improve the health and safety of employees on the front line. The ring
tone generator is positioned within the security panel in a branch. Upon activation of
a hold up or duress button, the RTG makes the centrally located Dummy Phone ring
with a ringtone that is distinctly different from their usual phone system, discreetly
alerting staff of a situation. The frequency of the ringtone is identical to a normal PSTN ringtone.
The Dummy Phone unit blends seamlessly into an office environment and has an
authentic ring tone sound. A sound solution to replace those obvious sonalerts and
piezos used in many premises that can increase the risk of incidents when triggered.

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