Ryalex Under Phone Light

Alert staff of a situation without alerting the perpetrators



The Ryalex Security Under Phone Light (UPL) is part of Ryalex Security’s creative designs to
improve the health and safety of employees on the front line. This unit is designed to be installed
either under a telephone, desk or computer monitor. It is triggered from a hold up or duress
button activation, and alerts staff of a situation without alerting the perpetrators or other
customers in the premises.
This Ryalex Security UPL is designed to be small enough to be un-obtrusive, yet bright enough to
attract staff attention even out of the corner of their eye. The UPL is positioned and directed so
that it is only visible on the staff side of the desk/counter and is a great solution to replacing those
obvious strobe lights that can increase the risk of incidents when triggered.

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage Min 10.5V-Max 14.5V
  • Red wire +
  • Black wire 0V
  • Reverse polarity will destroy the UPL.
  • Supplied cable length 2000mm.
  • Dimensions: L30mm X W22mm X D4mm.
  • Viewing angle: 200 Degrees.
  • Material: Clear Acrylic.
  • Adhesion: Scotch 0.5mm tape both sides.

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End users can purchase this product direct from Ryalex. Contact our team on 1300 792 539 for more information.

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